• Our Vision

The Smart Building Consortium is dedicated to improving sustainability, energy efficiency and overall lifecycle costs. Our network of engineering and sustainability experts provides owners with optimized facility design and upgrade solutions, and with the education to incorporate appropriate solutions. We provide the leadership to improve financial and environmental performance with our specialized team of engineering, construction, operational and financial solution providers.

We provide owners with a complete review, understanding, and improvement strategy for your facility’s energy and sustainability performance, including:

1. Benchmarking: documenting how well your building performs now compared to others.

2. Assessments: identifying and evaluating energy, maintenance, and operational measures that can improve sustainability.

3. Engineering studies and design work to support facility improvements.

4. Implementation of construction projects that improve your triple bottom line.

5. Financial assistance to support the sustainability improvements without negative cash flow.

6. Education to train personnel and inspire your team to create the corporate culture necessary to continue the sustainability improvements

  • Our Mission

Our mission is to promote serious solutions to global climate challenges while improving your energy savings and profitability. We don’t stop at LEDs and solar panels like other service providers because our specialty is improving building energy consuming system performance, often with very low capital cost investments. Many sustainability and financial improvements come from utility control system modifications and material handling/purchasing changes, which often have very low implementation costs. Our team balances easy solutions with deeper, more valuable options to provide the confidence of a complete approach that does not leave stranded sustainability assets that cost much more to correct later.

The promise of the digital revolution includes smart buildings and smart cities, but these new opportunities are not well defined yet. Smart (Sustainability Maximized with Adaptive and Responsive Technologies) buildings reduce operating costs significantly while improving comfort and productivity, and will be driven by the financial benefits of greatly improved sustainability. Smart cities are data driven intelligent and cognitive networks designed to improve commerce and create smarter, more engaged citizens. We are creating affordable smart building systems to promote buildings that clean the air and water, and produce more energy than they consume so the more we upgrade our buildings, the better off the environment will become. These potent technology trends will drive the evolution necessary to address our global climate and environmental challenges while improving business efficiency. Please let us know how we can help you on your path towards improved sustainability and greater corporate success!


Be Part Of Something Greater

“The path towards sustainable energy sources will be long and sometimes difficult.  But America cannot resist this transition, we must lead it.” – Former President Barrack Obama