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No-money-down, 100% financing for the property improvement projects on your wish list

It’s Never Too Early or Late to Start Home Improvement Projects

FortiFi offers a quick approval process, flexible payment terms, and access to carefully screened contractors who will get the job done right.

  • 100% financing with zero money down
  • Eligibility based on home equity, household income, product eligibility, and debt payment history (not credit score)
  • Finance as much as 20% of your property value (up to $250K)
  • Competitive, fixed rates with long repayment terms (up to 30 years1)
  • No payments for up to 17 months
  • Repay over time as part of your property taxes
  • Interest on payments may be tax deductible2

1 Term depends on the useful life of the product(s) installed and property location.
2 Consult your tax advisor to see if you qualify for potential tax benefits.

How It works


We are BayREN HOME + Participating Contractor

A BayREN Participating Contractor will install measures to your home in accordance with program requirements.

Rebate amounts will be determined and awarded based on qualifying installed measures. Qualifying customers may receive up to $5,000 in rebates per home. Bundling certain measures into one project can unlock access to additional bonus rebates.

Plus, receive a $150 rebate to offset required combustion appliance safety (CAS) testing costs of completed projects.

How It works

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BayREN Home+ is implemented by local county governments and available to homeowners and renters in nine counties.

BayREN Home+ Rebates

Eligible Program Measures

Operations and Maintenance Measures

+ Smart Thermostat

+ Duct sealing less than 10% total leakage

+ Duct Replacement less than 5% total leakage

Building Shell Measures

+ Attic insulation R-44

+ Wall insulation R-13 (2×4 framing) or R-19 (2×6 framing)

Heating and Cooling Measures

 + High efficiency central gas furnace 95% AFUE w/ Variable Speed Motor

+ High efficiency split central air conditioner  17 SEER and High efficiency packaged central air conditioner 16 SEER

+ High efficiency heat pump 17 SEER / 9.4 HSPF

Water Heating Measures

+ High efficiency storage gas water heater medium usage 0.64 UEF, high usage 0.68 UEF

+ Instantaneous water heater 0.87 UEF

+ Heat pump water heater 3.1 UEF

Electrification Appliance Measures

+ Induction electric range (no hybrid) or cooktop (must replace existing natural gas range or cooktop)

+ Heat pump clothes dryer 4.50 Combined Energy Factor (CEF)

Bonus Rebates


+ Combine one or more Building Shell measures with a Heating or Cooling measure

+ Downsize heating and/or cooling system compared to existing system

+ Building air sealing 30% total leakage reduction

+ Combustion Appliance Safety (CAS) test-out




For a limited time, Home+ is providing an additional $1,000 for projects that include a cooling or heating measure combined with building shell improvements