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Residential – Commercial – Public Utilities

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Although regulations are a part of every industry, few industries have to deal with so many strict regulations as in construction. At the residential level, there are building codes, insurance requirements, union and wage requirements, safety regulations, audits, and so much more. At the commercial level, construction compliance becomes even more difficult.
Our engineering team has decades of experience in Engineering, Design, Drafting, Testing, and Forensic Engineering. If you are having issues with code compliance, or need to eliminate red tag issues in order to get your project back on track, our team can provide creative solutions to address any issue you may be facing.

Compliance Testing

Residential & Commercial


Grounding, Breaker, Insulation, Connection, Wiring, Tracing…


Mechanical Testing

Air flow, Duct leakage, Refrigerant Level, Pressure Test


Building /Construction


Electrical Testing

Battery Testing

Ground Resistance (clamp-on, 3-point test)


HiPot Testing

Infrared Electrical Measure

Transformer & Capacitor

Breaker Panel

Insulation Resistance


Mechanical Testing

Flow Measurement

HVAC/R Testing

Thermal Imaging

Sound Measure


Notable Locations

Rail & Lightrail: VTA, Caltrans, BART

Utilities: Solar Panel Farm, Water Treatment Plant

Others: Military Bases